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Do You Dynamo?!

“In life you are going to have to work 2x as hard because not only are you a woman, but you’re a black woman.” ~my mom

I live my life by these words.  In everything I do, I work 2x as hard to prove that I can do it.  When I see other successful women of color, I smile and befriend them because I know they worked 2x as hard too. There’s such a beautiful bond we form from working twice as hard.  The laughter, the tears, I live for those bonds.  As a kid I was always talking too much, everyone was my best friend.  In young adulthood, I ended up at a women’s college and became a member of a sorority.  Now as an adult, I’m very cautious, but the bond is inevitable.  My passion is the state of black women in America.  During my senior year of college, I decided I wanted to create a magazine for young black women.  A real forum for us to come together and discuss our shit. No frills, no fluff… the real conversations that I had at the dining table at home, PS 208, Hudde JHS, Brandeis HS, and Smith.  Not only do we form the most beautiful bonds, the lessons shared from working twice as hard make us the great women we are destined to be. I made it my life’s goal to create a platform for black women all over America to come together and have these conversations. So here it is you have Dynamo Magazine!!

Dynamo recognizes all women as an individual.  We all have different stories and come from different places.  We’re far from perfect, but a work in progress like everyone else.  Sometimes we lose sight of our bond in dealing with life.  We can all attest to a time that someone forgot about the bond and the drama that ensued as a result.  Well with Dynamo, I hope to create a space that we can all come back to when life happens and remember our bond and the lessons from working twice as hard. The site will be broken down in the following categories:

  • Building me: Spiritually- posts with regards to building your spirit
  • Building me: Mentally- posts with regards to equipping yourself with information
  • Building me: Physically- posts with regards to maintaining your body inside and out
  • Building team: Family- posts with regards to family relations, issues and activities
  • Building team: Friends- posts with regards to friendship and connections with non-family members
  • Building team: Love/Relationships- no explanation needed :-)

Other tags include:

  • Little Miss Estrogen- posts with regards to things that we do as women
  • Fast Facts On:- 10 facts on a specific topic
  • Alpha Male- highlighting great men
  • PSA- notices of how we can do better
  • Morning Inspiration- something nice to start the day with
  • …On That Independent Shit- highlighting great women of color
  • Recipes- no explanation needed :-)
  • In a Perfect World v. Reality- posts with regards to the uncomfortable/honest conversations we hate to have
  • Playlists- 10 songs for any mood or occasion
  • Feeling myself!!- posts with regards to the benefits of working hard aka the fun stuff
  • 5%- posts with regards to the community
  • 10%- posts with regards to getting your money and business affairs
  • 85%- posts with regards to entertainment and celebrity news
  • Young Ones- posts with regards to those under 18
  • Youth- posts with regards to when we were youth aka under 18, lol

Though Dynamo is intended for young women of color, I strongly encourage everyone of all racial backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations and generations to leave comments and feedback.  Thank you in advance for reading. Well ladies, here’s to Dynamo!!! xx

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