Let’s Talk About It: If we’re all nice guys and nice girls, why are we always complaining?!

My homeboy Felton sent over another topical email :-) This time from Blogxilla, a “Hip Hop Blog for Sexual Intellects”. In the email was a Blogxilla post titled, “Since Women Don’t Want A Nice Guy, More Men Should Be Jerks And Play Women Out“.  If you feel the increase in your blood flow just by reading the title, this is perfectly normal.  I vowed not to let my inner Angry Black Woman come out on this.  So objective cap on, I read the post.  And to my surprise, I wasn’t totally disgusted by what Mr. Xilla had to say. He speaks of this “new evil women” who is about her paper and pretty much considers men indispensible.  He goes on to state that the reason for this woman’s cold deameanor is, “Probably because some dude broke her heart before, or maybe she saw her mother home crying one too many times. Or maybe she watched her brothers parade girl after girl into their room and vowed never to be one of those girls.” Mr. Xilla acknowledges that due to the large population of bitch ass men, the evolution of this woman was inevitable.

I personally think most “nice guys” are fraudulent real men.  I mean what real man is banging out the back of a chick that clearly has insecurity issues if she feels the need to be stiffled by a lame nigga probably just because she doesn’t want to face the reality of not being able to be with the guy who is blowing her back out?  My advice is to send that girl to her mother before she’s keying your car. I mean let’s be real.  A real man, not a “nice guy”, knows his worth as the Alpha Male he is and doesn’t sleep with any woman who doesn’t match that.  But when guys can’t get a respectable woman to lower the value she places on herself, fake “real men” aka the bitch ass men lie (implicitly and explicitly) to get the goods.  Because of this, some women turn bitter and it leads to an on going cycle of men temporarily relieving her stresses away from the back.  A real woman though, knows her worth and when dooped by a fake “real man”, she knows that letting the next fake “real man” hit  it from the back is not going to take away the hurt and disappointment.  She’s especially disappointed because, like Mr. Xilla hinted, the real men in her life (dads, uncles, brothers, male cousins and friends) or lack of a real male figure, warned her about the fake “real man” and his tricks.  She deals with her wounds respectably and moves on.  If more fake “real men” had the same control and were honest with themselves about the pain of their past, they’d stop faking to be a man and the inflicting of their issues on respectable women.  In a perfect world.  My parents told me that when you have sex, you always wanna think babies because there is nothing outside of abstinence that prevents them expensive little bundles of joy from popping up.  So men, if you want the potential mother of your kids to be “hit it hard from the back”, then fine. Chances are “hit it hard from the back” is already participating in some conniving shit to set the plan in motion anyway, smh. But if you want a respectable woman to raise your child, a real man knows and can testify that nothing of worth comes easy, leaving ”hit it hard from the back” without a chance. 

Moral of the Story: Ladies you see the twisted way men process things.  Nice guys think that just because a girl doesn’t want to give it up, he has to lie to get some.  It never crossed their minds that maybe they’re just that: nice. Unfortunately, nice doesn’t entitle you to great women. Greatness does.  Ladies, please stop fucking with ”nice guys” you have no real interest in. What you consider trash, someone else may consider treasure. And vice versa, stop messing with fake “real men” that can’t appreciate your worth.   When we start having sex based on things outside of merit we send mixed messages to the male species about the right way to court us.  The single road can be lonely, but a real man will always respect pussy control. xx

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