Girls just wanna have fun!

It’s February :-) The month of Black History, the Super Bowl, Mardi Gras, Valentine’s Day aka International Condom Day (that’s not a joke, lol), President’s Day and Ash Wednesday!! You know I love a celebration, lol.  But before the party begins, I have some explaining to do.  You may have noticed the last post was last year during the holidays, I was on an extended vacation :-) This week when I started classes, in our introduction we had to say our name, degree/research interests and something you do for “fun”. Shamelessly, my fun has become Dynamo.  Which means posts on occassion and no longer everyday.

And you know falling back is hard for me, lol,  but in order to be true Dynamos and Alpha Males we as writers have to make sure we’re being the best people we can be. I’m happy to announce that we have a new baby Alpha Male here at Dynamo, I’m sure the proud dad will talk about it at some point, lol.  Also we also have some new graduate school students at LIU and NYU :-) So we’re not just sitting on our asses, lol.  Of course, you know I am nothing without Dynamo; so check back in every so often for some inspiration! Thanks for all the positive feedback, it’s appreciated as always. Here’s to living “Black History” xx

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