Music For Auld Lang Syne…

To know me is to know I love music.  All kinds of music too, lol.  My favorite is rap and R&B :-) But being acquainted with friends from all geographic regions I’ve picked up other likes. Not to mention my West Indian roots :-) , so anything involving a drum or steel pans and I’m on the dance floor, lol! Music has always been accredited as the universal language and I think that’s why I love it so much. If you know me, you also know if I had one superpower it would be to speak every language in the world (inside joke :-) ) And while my superpower wish may not be for everybody, lol, sharing and experiencing music from all over the globe is a magical experience.  I mean just listen to one Rick Ross song and I promise you’ll forever be changed, lol.  I’m just saying, don’t knock Ricky; he moves units :-) Outside of the lyrics coming together, also very important in music is the instruments and the sounds in the beat coming together.  Which is why, no matter what language a song is in, you can appreciate its beauty.  There’s something in the music alone that guides you :-)

Not denying you my superpower :-) here at Dynamo; I’ve shared numerous playlists and morning inspirations with the songs I love.  And to make things easier, Dynamo now has a YouTube channel with all the playlists and morning inspirations conveniently organized for your listening pleasure!!  In the future I hope to expand the channel to include interviews as well as street features of Dynamos and Alpha Males all over the world :-) For auld lang syne or times gone by, enjoy some of my joints I picked up over the years in my love for music:

Plus some morning inspiration :-)  :

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