December 21, 2012 is here, now what?

If you are reading this, I guess that means today is not the end of the world…or maybe it’s this afternoon or in the evening.  There’s still time!  As you know, today was predicted to be the end of the world because today is where the Ancient Mayan calendar ends.  Some interpret the prediction not necessarily as the end of the world, or where Earth will collide with planet Nibiru (a planet NASA and I aren’t yet familiar with); some say it will mark the day of a great spiritual or transformative awakening.  The theories abound and figuring out these Mayan predictions and those of Nostradamus and others is a task meant for a certain type of scholar and not me.

I do see that some of these “doomsday” prophecies appear to be coming to fruition.  There are deadly conflicts going on throughout the world, devastating natural disasters, terrorist attacks and crazed gunmen shooting up public places, there was even a meteor recently spotted in the Houston area about two weeks ago.  Technology is increasing by the minute and major economies have failed or are on the “cliffs”.  These things line up with a lot of what was prophesied for 2012, and also what is prophesied in several different passages in the Bible.  We even have a Black President, and the President is always Black in our most contemporary “end of the world” movies.  Is that just a coincidence?  Hmmmm.

So will we experience an awakening today?  Will there be a collision or other cataclysmic event?  NASA says “No” in this video.  So is the world ending today or what?  Come on, would God really plan for the world to end before Christmas!?  I think not!  Really though, who knows?  I’m completely unqualified to answer that question.  I believe that no human knows the day or the hour, so they probably don’t know the year either.  What I do know is that tomorrow is not promised, period.  We are reminded of this constantly when loved ones, acquaintances, and victims of random violence die before what we believe to be their time.  I encourage everyone reading this to really think about that.  If we were all gone tomorrow, or if it was just you that is gone, what does that really mean to you?  I personally want to live until I’m 108 (hopefully not on social security) but there is no guarantee that I will be here to even see this article posted, and I’m OK with that because I know that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.  What goes on here on earth will no longer matter at that point.  Whether I ever complete a doctoral degree, see my son graduate and get married, have a bunch more kids, fix education in America, or get rich, it doesn’t matter, because I might die trying.  I just thank and praise God that I am saved by Grace and Grace alone; what I accomplish ultimately doesn’t matter if I don’t believe that in my heart and confess that with my mouth.

I could go on and on (you guys might know that by now) but my point is, if you are worried about the world ending, you need to really figure out why.  If it’s all over, we won’t have anything to miss or mourn, or wish we had done differently, so I encourage all of us to do the right thing now.

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