“Everyone needs a love no doubt…”: A Reflection on Appreciating Family

In the words of my main man Luther Vandross everyone needs a love no doubt, any love. As Christmas approaches and in the wake of the recent tragedy in Sandy Hook, Connecticut this should be a more meaningful Christmas for most. Let’s really try to take the time out this holiday to spend the most time with the ones we love and not just any loves but the most meaningful ones: family.

As many of you know, family can come in all shapes, sizes and all levels of crazy. Family isn’t always a blood relative, but more of a relationship built with time. As me and my dad went to get our Christmas trees yesterday (yes exactly one week before Christmas), I thought about  how lucky I was to even have a dad. Let alone, one to go get a Christmas tree with. This is a tradition we’ve been doing for years and as cheesy as it is, it has been one of the most meaningful moments in my life.

Everyone has their moments from childhood until now that they can reflect on with loved ones as most meaningful, but let’s try to make more in these next coming days and months. Let this holiday season be an extra special reminder that life is way too short and tomorrow is never promised. With tragedy after tragedy, let’s try to hug our loved ones a little tighter and say I love you a little more. I hope everyone enjoys this holiday season and continues to be thankful for the ones we have with us, as so many don’t.


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