Let’s Talk About It: “Risky business or none of my business”

Well well, well, what do we have here? The social media world has been buzzing about a freshly tweeted picture of Rihanna in a very compromising position. The singer posted an image on Twitter from a Paris hotel with her on her knees and captioned it “risky business”. This image is even more indicative being that Chris Brown is also in Paris and Rihanna tweeted a picture of the two with her in his arms hours before the tweet of the “risky business” photo. With all the recent controversial images of Rihanna in the media over the last couple of weeks, some may begin to wonder is everything ok with your pop princess?

You see there have been numerous weed smoking pictures and even one of her smoking weed butt naked by a fire place. I’m all for self-expression and being who you are but when is it too much? I mean clearly Rihanna is one of the most successful and talented (some might argue about the talent) females of our generation. But I’m starting to think that maybe all these weed smoking, sexually explicit, borderline inappropriate pictures on a social network may be more than just images. I’m no therapist nor do I believe that everyone who is famous is a role model, but I do believe in self-respect and the image in which you represent. I also believe that Rihanna is filthy rich and doing whatever she wants: having fun while living life. But at what point do you say “nah, maybe she is really going through something”? It’s funny because some may say since appearing to be hanging out with Chris again, this extreme behavior pattern can be due to that influence.

I’m not one to judge or question Rihanna’s life nor decisions she makes or any pictures that she posts. However, I do not need to be blasted overwhelmingly with weed smoking ass out pictures of Rihanna. It’s none of my business what her kitty cat is looking like. I know a lot may say you don’t have to look, but seriously social media rules the world these days, these pictures are everywhere. It’s one thing to have photos of this sort leaked or posted by someone else, but when these seem to be the only type of photos being posted of you recently it makes you wonder. As said before I love me some Ri Ri but it is so not my business of how much weed you’re smoking these days and how freaky you and your boo Chris Breezy are getting.

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