PSA: Tomorrow is World AIDS Day

Yes December 1st is World AIDS Day! This year’s theme is “Working Together for an AIDS-Free Generation”.  And with HIV/AIDS education being more prevalent today than ever, we have no excuse not to be the generation behind getting the count to zero.  Just as important as finding a cure is making sure less people get infected with the virus over time.  A large percentage of the transmission rate in our community can be attributed to unprotected sex of both homosexual and heterosexual men and women.  It’s no secret that here at Dynamo: Sex is good for everybody and condoms are your best friend :-) So this World AIDS Day, we’re teaming up with the Brownsville Multi-Service Family Health Center (BMSFHC)!!  Tomorrow the BMS Outreach Team will be hitting the streets and painting the town red with none other than free condoms and literature! So now, Brooklyn will have no excuse for not being smart while having fun :-)

Below are the locations and times of the BMS Mobile Unit for World AIDS Day:

10 am- Eastern Parkway and Utica Avenue by the 3/4 train station

12 noon- Linden Boulevard and Mother Gaston Boulevard by Brownsville Recreational Center

2 pm- Broadway Junction by the A/C/J/Z/L train station

4 pm- New Lots Avenue and Schenck Avenue by New Lots Community Church

If you’re not in Brooklyn, you have no excuse to not get tested and educated on HIV/AIDS.  To find resources in your community, visit here!

Also for more information about BMS and their HIV/AIDS services, visit their website here :-)

Look out for us painting the town red tomorrow and to everyone be safe and be safe to everyone!

Happy “World AIDS Day” Loves :-)




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