Land of the Holy or Land of the Dead . . . . .

Over the last eight days 166 people, most being civilians and the rest soldiers, have been killed with deadly force of the missiles and weapons in Israel. For the last week Israel has launched a series of attacks on militants in the Palestinian areas of the Gaza in efforts of stopping Israel bound rocket attacks from the militants. With all of this going on the first thing that comes to mind is people live here. I mean innocent people, at least one hundred and something of them have been killed.

Americans love to talk about war, but in the words of Evelyn Lozada ”We not about that Life”. You see when was the last time something really happened on American soil and how often do these things happen?  No one can ever forget September 11, or the first attack of the World Trade Center, or even the Oklahoma City bombing. But how many of us can really say we know what it’s like to live in an actual ware zone? Sadly enough, we have many cities in America that may seem like a war zone everyday with the amount of gun violence and senseless killings; but ask yourself this when was the last time you recall having fifteen seconds to get you and your family to shelter after you hear a siren because they’re about to start launching missiles in your hood?

I was watching the news last week and they had the image above with members of the Hamas (Palestinian Islamic political party that governs the Gaza strip) riding in a motorcade with a dead body dragging on the back of one of their bikes. I said could you imagine if they you had a motorcade of people riding with AK-47′s and dead bodies attached to their back of their bikes? I’m not trying to downplay the everyday struggles and overwhelming violence that plays a role in communities all over the United States today. However I am very thankful that I’m not worrying about missiles and ongoing war on U.S. soil.

As of now Egypt and the United States have stepped in for a full fledged “cease-fire” mission between the Hamas and Israelis. While top officials get ready for meetings, Israel prepares for a possible ground invasion by the Hamas and the Palestinians. These talks are speculated to include opening border crossings and moderating economic barriers in Gaza. Hopefully some type of resolution will come this week after meeting in Cairo. Although many people will say war can be good for countries, it’s never good when innocent people die. The longer these two groups are at war the more and more innocent people that will die.

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