“We Will Always Love You….”: A Tribute to my Aunt Whitney Houston

Whenever I come across someone that I admire or like, I instantly make them members of my family; case in point, Uncle Barack, Granddaddy Luther and cousin Alicia. Another member of my family, who has now gone back home, is still awe inspiring to this day; this person is my aunt Whitney Houston. Her voice and presence were nothing short of amazing.

I remember where I was when I heard the news. I just finished parking in the tightest parking space in all of New York. It took me about 3 WHOLE MINUTES, to get into that spot. As soon as the car was in park, I heard she passed. I couldn’t do anything else but cry and answer Rashaad’s call. We just kept saying each other’s name in disbelief. Our musical icon, wouldn’t be producing any other hits. Nor would she be performing at the Grammy’s. Although we physically lost her on February 11th 2012, her memory still lives on today through the countless selling of her cds, numerous covers of some of her classics and the latest tribute which aired Friday, November 16th on CBS.

Whitney was an international superstar, from actress Halle Berry paying homage, to pop star Britney Spears; she’s inspired many men and women around the world. Whether seeing her on stage and having others want to pursue acting careers or singing her music at auditions, Whitney helped millions of people without even knowing it. However, towards the end of her life, one would have thought she was this washed up, one hit wonder, whose life was suddenly made insignificant because of a drug habit.

Why are we so harsh on people we grew up idolizing? At Dynamo, we do seek to tell the truth; however, isn’t there a tactful way of doing it? Everyone broke down when MJ passed. Thousands, if not millions were televised crying, blasting his music in the street and doing their own personal tributes to remember this legendary icon. However, it wasn’t but so long ago that some of these same people bashed Mike in the media and ran him out of America. While he and his brothers had some of us moving coffee tables out of the way to practice our moonwalk, we jumped at the opportunity to label him and project bad on his legacy. Same with Whitney, not too long ago, were we holding brushes and singing I Will Always Love You to our mirrors? We wake up the next morning and see one purposely-negative picture and we’re ready to give her title to my bff Beyonce. Why are we so unforgiving of our idols until it’s too late?

To all of my media outlets: tell the truth, but try not to be brutal. Cousin Yeezy keeps saying “ya’ll want to find him not breathing like ya’ll found Mike”. We love us some Kanye, but we talk so horridly about them. There is so much pressure on everyone nowadays. Celebrities have the pressure they put on themselves to be great, the pressure from fans to be even better, and the pressure from industry critics. The least we can do as fans is not help make matters worse.

LL Cool J said, “She will stay in our lives through the amazing music she left for us”. Halle mentioned, “She may be gone, but [her] voice lives forever”. Celine, “She set the bar so high”. I, Brooklyn’s Sweetheart say, “I will always love you Whitney and your music is an inspiration”.

Smoochis :-*

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