“I say a BIG verse, I’m only bigging up my brother… I’m big enough to do it”: A Reflection on Honoring Your Idols and Giving Props

We’re all inspired by different things and people.  Your first role models usually are your parents and/or older siblings, pretty much the people that raised you as a child.  And the minute you were introduced to television, radio, Internet, (insert your favorite form of media here), the images of what you could be started pouring in, lol.  We’ve talked at length about the negative images of black people in the media here on Dynamo.  And as a borderline media junkie, I think things aren’t all that bad.

Black people have been most commonly known to portray one of the following roles in society as demonstrated in the media: criminals, thugs, mammies/maids, slores, comedians, rappers, basketball players or unemployed altogether.  And this is not me trying to be funny. Think about it and let me know if I missed something.  I’ll wait (Katt Williams voice).  I’ve always believed that it’s a sign of old age when you start complaining about the generation after you, lol. Refusing to acknowledge that I’m on my way to oldville, I’m with the young people when they say things are better than ever :-) The reality is despite your actual age it’s your ability to dream, hope and idolize that keeps your inner child alive.  While bills and responsibilities diminish many dreams for adults, you still have to be able to give props and respect to those that’s doing it.

I mean Rick Ross may not be number one in everybody’s book, lol. I can’t imagine who, but that’s another post for another day :-) Seriously though, when you look at the financial status and success of rappers such as Jay-Z, or even really sit and think that the President of the United States is yet again a black man, the image of black people and our capabilities in this country is not stagnant.  Maybe just your dreams.  And recently added to my long list of idols, which includes classics like my mom, Oprah, Michelle Obama and Anna Wintour :-) , is Shonda Rhimes and her gang.  If a friend hasn’t put you on to a Shonda Rhimes show at this point, I’m sorry to say you have no real friends, lol.  (Thanks Reese :-) ) Shonda has portrayed black people as lawyers, doctors, hospital chiefs, government officials, and I’m just gonna stop now. That’s just one woman with three prime time shows: Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and Scandal.  Compare her list alone of our image to the one I mentioned above with our past options, throw Dynamo in the mix :-) and like I said: things ain’t all that bad, lol.

Moral of the Story: Honor those that inspire you by giving props and showing love.  Nobody is perfect and we all overcome adversity in many ways. Celebrities and other figures in the media help to inspire us regardless of age or race. Rather than knock down the dreams of the next generation or someone else, keep focusing on your own.  It’s the only thing that will keep you young, lol. I’ve learned in life, two things nobody can take away from you is your education and your dreams.  So shoutout to Jay for holding Brooklyn down and his whole clique: Bey, Rih-Rih and Kanye. My boo Ricky :-) holding down MMG.  Shonda Rhimes for holding down black girls everywhere on that independent shit (Kanye West voice)! Plus, hello! President Barack Obama holding down his clique: Michelle, Malia, Sasha, and the United States. Cause we have people who look like us that inspire ALL people and show us the great humans we can be in a lifetime :-) With Thanksgiving being tomorrow, it’s also the perfect time to celebrate and honor your close family and friends that help to inspire you and those that you inspire. xx

Have a happy and healthy Turkey Day :-)

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