A Simple Solution: A Look at Cancer and Your Diet

Cancer is far too familiar to us. It has become an unwelcomed guest in our lives, professionally and personally. It quietly waits to prey on our bodies or our emotions like a sick and twisted villain. It has no regard for age, race, gender, or religion.

So it is a bit ironic that we allow this monster to tamper with our happiness when there is a simple solution. I am not going to let it linger. I am going to tell you flat out.  The solution to cancer lies in our diet.

Call it preventative, call it alternative or call it foolish. Despite all of the hype and medication, the fact is that meat and dairy products lead to higher rates of cancer. Now let me be up front and state that I am not a medical professional.  But what I have gathered from articles, journals, documentaries like Forks Over Knives and other research as well… simple. Remove meat products from your life and live off of a plant based diet, you are less likely to develop the most common cancers.

Of course becoming a complete vegan is daunting and not to be jumped into blindly. It is also unthinkable to start during the holidays. So let’s say you make a resolution for 2013 to simply live a better life. You can start by removing red meat from your diet. A month later you can work on removing chicken from your diet. Or you can make one meal a day totally vegetarian. Then 2 and then all 3 including the snacks.  Then you can graduate yourself into one vegan meal a day and so on.  For those of us suffering with health issues, you will notice a change in your need for medications, your blood pressure will balance itself and hypertension will be a thing of the past. Eventually you will be able to live without the medications altogether. Without even changing your other habits you will notice a change in weight and energy. In short, once you have committed to changing your life and diet, you will slowly but surely notice your happiness and wellness pique.

As a people, this suggestion is something that is going to be very difficult to go along with. And don’t get me wrong. I am a huge fan of cakes and steaks and ice cream – maybe even in that order.  But if I had to make a decision about living a longer life with the end years still having a good quality, I think I can let that cow live. Hell, give me a new leather purse and wallet. But while you’re at it, hand over that steamed broccoli.

Let’s imagine that we are willing to try something new. There is the very real issue of food deserts in low income communities.  In these areas, there is an over abundance of fast food options, which too many people indulge in.  Results? Childhood obesity and a race of people plagued by disease and misery. Solution? Support small local grocery stores or organize and create a movement.  Demand more from your government. Refuse the other options and fight for what is right.

Another question people may have is… “If this is really the solution then why haven’t I heard about it before?” The simple answer to that is sick people are an unbeatable industry.  The money being made off of us being Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is unimaginable. So there’s no good reason to give us the answer.

I say try it before you knock it. Control your dietary urges now and gain control over your future and current wellness. You already know the alternative life.

That’s what I got on that people! Be well.


Honey B

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