Let’s Talk About It: “I’ll be by your side?….”

By your side? Umm well that depends. See last week General David Petraeus stepped down as CIA Chief due to an explicit documented affair with his biographer Paula Broadwell. Broadwell, wife to a radiologist and a mother of two had written the biography on Petraeus titled “All In”. After briefly meeting with Petraeus, Broadwell was able to fly to Afghanistan on military connections. There she was able to get interviews while showing her fitness skills to the General. Soon after she was given pretty much full acess to the General. From then the FBI started to investigate the relationship between Broadwell and Petraeus in connection with email accounts that compromised conifdentiality.

Holly Petraeus, wife of the General for 38 years is reportedly furious about this whole scandal. Not only was Broadwell involved in an affair with the General, but she began harrasing Jill Kelley, social liasion for a military base in Florida. As more and more things about the scandal came out,  things srarted really getting messy. From refrences of “sex under a desk” to pictures that looked seemingly regurlar, now looking utterly suspicous. There are all kinds details of flying out the wood works.

Furious has to be an understatment. As many in the media try to now pry into Holly’s world it seems as if there’s this eager temptation awaiting to see what Holly is now going to do.  I even saw in the headline of an article “Will Holly stay by his side?” The first thing that popped into my head was one of my favorite Jadakiss songs “By your Side”. I mean 38 years is a lot but is it worth it? I mean I haven’t been married 38 years, haven’t had any children and don’t know anything about that life literally, lol. But you have to think after 38 years of being married to any man especially a high ranked General running the CIA you have to be a soldier yourself.

I can’t speak for Holly or the million of other women that get cheated on everyday, but what I will say is society shouldn’t influence your choice on staying by someone’s side. Whether infidelity of a partner, broken trust of a friend, or dissapointment in the ones we love; I think you need to put in perspective what makes something worth sticking by someone’s side. Everyone’s answer to this will be different but it is truly our values and beliefs which helps us decide to stick around someone’s side. Whatever Holly decides the world publicly now awaits. Luckily not the case for most people.


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