Let’s Talk About It: “Images of Black Women on Facebook”

Facebook is a force – that is a simple and plain fact.  Over the last 5 years, outstanding features have been added to make Facebook an unmatched networking tool. (I am going to run with the presumption that everyone uses FB  regularly.)

Over the last year, you might have noticed concept or thought pages like African Heritage City, Loving your Hair with Natural Care Workshop, or Dark Skinned Women <3 (my personal favorite). These three particular pages promote black women, in some fashion. My most beloved feature is their use of images.  Every morning, I scan though dozens of images of black women with natural hair; black women being fierce and unafraid of their beauty; and images from black history that I don’t recognized from my African American history books. I get to see images that represent me and how I want to see myself. Most importantly they are images that make me feel proud to be me – naturally.

Another benefit of subscribing to these pages is being able to see fashion trends I would never have thought of. I am not going to sit here and pretend that fashion is something I am good at. I don’t get it – flat out. However, I do know how to copy something interesting and appealing. The admins for these pages provide a range of chic to casual hair styles, outfits and makeup ideas for dark, medium and fair-skinned women. Most magazines leave me with the thought of, “Ooo that’s so cute but I know  it won’t work with my complexion.” Surprise, surprise. Here comes Facebook to with fashion tips and ideas for a dark and lovely sistahs like myself. Praise Black Jesus!

And what else?! OMG. These pages provide information about health and wellness. And not just clippings of information from Shape magazine or a random website. Nononoo. These are tried and tested tips from black women, who are giving us their opinion and experiences. Naturally, their commentary ranges from reviews on diet and juicing to skin clarity to course hair tips and product reviews!

What makes this so much better than say YouTube channels? The simplicity. everything you want is all right there on one FB page. Easy to find, in chronological order and with well-known short cuts.

As you can tell, these pages are a reservoir of support and love for me. I use them as a reference, for advice and just to feel good about new things I might be trying.

Of course I want to take a moment to thank the people who created and maintain these pages. Without them I feel like my life would be less fabulous and colored (if you will). It is a treat to rise and shine and let these images start my day. Please, keep ‘em coming.

Other pages that are great to subscribe to are: Naptural85, Black Women with Real Hair, and My Natural Sistas.


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