“Are you ready to go?!…”: A Reflection on the Importance of Time

It’s NOVEMBER :-) Home of Election Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving aka Tarik’s cover for watching football with good food, lol, American Diabetes Month, National Healthy Skin and Family Caretakers Month; and we’ll definitely get to all of that on Dynamo this month :-) Another thing that November is home to that most people forget about is Daylight Savings Time. Yup this weekend it’s coming to an end and we’ll be gaining one hour! And if there’s one thing that I love is more time.

I mean between work, school, Dynamo and even trying to piece together some kinda social life, lol, time is never on my side.  To know we’re gaining an hour, just makes my inner sleeper’s soul smile; especially after having just experienced Sandy.  Despite the ”it’s dark outside and it’s only 5 pm” that Day Light Savings Time ending brings; it is also a time when I’m more aware of the importance of time, especially mine :-)   And really it’s a great time of year to have more time because being the best me will definitely have the new year here before you know it. I mean there’s voting for the next President, giving back to the less fortunate for the upcoming holiday season, checking off (and creating holiday wish lists) for love ones, making realistic New Year’s resolutions and then BAM, it’s 2013!

Moral of the Story: Use your time wisely!  This weekend luckily, we can go back for an hour. Don’t forget to set your clocks backward on Sunday at 2am!! Gaining an hour will definitely cause anyone to reflect and not only because that’s what we’re all about at Dynamo :-) The reality is when time is not on your side, there’s usually no space for deep reflection and thinking about being a better you.  The state of mind you want to be in when voting for President Obama :-) Now you have an extra hour! So this month be sure to do both: enjoy your precious extra time and vote for Obama. I sure will! xx

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