What have you done for me lately????? Ooh ooh ooh yeah!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           November for me means food food food! I can’t think of what I love more about the month of November. That may be due to the fact that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Or it could be that Christmas time is coming and this means a lot of quality time with the family for the rest of the year. There’s also the excitment coming from this being a presidential election year! However, throughout all my excitement what I think about the most this time of the year is how thankful I am for everything I have. Family, friends, love, health, a job, clothes, food on my plate and so many other necessities people in this world take for granted. With the recent tradgedy of Sandy and many losing everything they have, including their lives; it’s hard to even have one complaint right now when so many others are doing so much worst.

I sometimes like to stop, think and say to myself “What have you done for someone lately?” As cheesy as that sounds, it’s true. I mean yeah sometimes I give to that homeless guy on the train playing an instrument or sometimes take my left overs from luch and give it to someone who may be hungry; but how consistently can you say you do for other people? And not just your love ones, but other people who are less fortunate? Some people have the theory of why should I give back and I’m still struggling myself. That’s a very good point but sometimes giving back is free. It could be a conversation, a hug, or time invested in someone who needs it. I’m sure at some point in life someone has helped you out in some type of way, so why not do the same for someone else?

Giving back not only makes the person you do it for feel better about themselves, but it also will do the same thing for you. There is something about knowing you were able to do something for someone who is really in need. I’m all for doing things for family and friends, but I realize a lot of my family and friends are more fortunate than a lot of people in this world. Again some people may argue that if people are all of the same sane body and mind then why should I help? But I don’t think everyone was given the same opportunities and support systems which help people become productive in society. And also not everyone can control what happens in life; from natural disasters to the tragic events that can’t be forseen.

I can’t tell people what to do with their life, but as someone with a voice I would like to encourage people to give back. And not just to say I did something for someone else, but to know what it feels like to be selfless in a moment and understand what it’s like not to have the basics in life. Two major charities I love to support this time of year is:

  1.  The NYC Harvest Drive- Food can be dropped off to:
    •  any FDNY or NYPD station
    • any NYC Modell’s Sporting Goods store
    • MCU branch locations
    • the Daily News building lobby at 4 New York Plaza.
  2. The New York Care Coat Drive- Starting November 15th, you can drop coats at the New York Cares Coat Drive warehouse, located at 157 W. 31st Street, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. You can also ship your coats directly to the following address:

ATTN: The New York Cares Coat Drive
157 West 31st Street, Basement 2
New York, NY 10001

There are many more organizations and drives that donations can be made to. Always remeber giving back can be free. Again all it takes is a little time and effort and most imprtantly selflessness. I hope as the time pass and holidays come that at some moment, some will take a minute to think about how lucky and blessed you truly are; and then take that thought and use it to do something for someone in need.

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