Dynamo Fashion 101: Joe Fresh

I have a cousin whose twitter name is @fashionomical, which means fashionable and economical at the same time. Two things that have become very important in this trendy yet broke era. Ironically she is from Canada, which is also home of the newest fashion designer to combine both ideas: Joe Mimran. Creator of the newest buzzworthy clothing line to hit Fifth Avenue, Joe Fresh.

With a flagship store positioned down the block from both Zara and H&M on 43rd and Fifth Ave, Fresh has already placed itself in the forefront of high quality fashion at affordable prices. Originally started as a line sold in supermarkets in a co-venture with Loblaw, Fresh exceeded all expectations racking up $400 million in sales in the first year and a half. Mimran who is also the co-founder of the Club Monaco line which aggressively hit the U.S. market and hasn’t slowed down yet.

Personally as an owner of a few Joe Fresh items, I can attest to the fact they provide what they market; which is superb quality at reasonable costs. This has been proven with the demand of four stores in New York already since 2011 with the crown jewel being the previously aforementioned location. Joe Fresh has been able to really make a name for itself in the U.S. market, where other Canadian clothiers have failed. Its strong international base has also provided a major stepping stone towards the clothing line’s credibility.

The breath of fresh air (pun intended) that Joe has pumped into the industry is most welcomed.


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