“he may smile, but it’s never sweet”: A Look at the 2012 Vice Presidential Debate

 Last Thursday was the Vice Presidential debate between VP Joe Biden and Gov. Paul Ryan.  And it’s no secret that Ryan got his “stuff” handed to him, lol.  I mean Joe Biden said, “that’s a bunch of stuff”, so many times I was waiting for that final slip up to “shit” :-) But our VP is a gentleman and it never came.

Outside of VP Joe Biden’s fine performance, I think mediator Martha Raddatz also deserves her props. She really asked meaningful questions that hit the bone of the issues and commanded control of the debate at all times. Of course, the woman mediator would successfully manage the task :-) When she asked VP Biden and Gov. Ryan for their opinion on abortion as not only politicians, but “as a man of faith”; I knew she was a force to be reckoned with.  Both men answered the question with intergrity, while expressing their views of the topic.  What I thought was funny was how Ryan and Romney always preach smaller government and let the states handle it, but when it comes to womens’ rights they know best.  I agree with VP Biden, “that choice is best left with a woman and her doctor”.  This debate really brought out the double standards of the Romney and Ryan ticket.  VP Biden got so much critique for his moments of outright laughter, but really this debate was just that: funny and entertaining.

Everyone is now saying that VP Biden’s performance is what they expected from President Obama during his first debate.  And you know I don’t take hate against my president lightly, lol.  First I want to say, there’s a reason why there’s a President and a Vice President.  Raddatz made point of this at the start of the debate. Though the President is the face of the country; there’s still a team of people in the background that come to the decision-making conclusions on foreign and domestic policy.  Of course, wearing the crown comes with the power to veto :-) Which is why we don’t want a hot head in the hot seat, lol.  I’m upset that everyone is now comparing candidates on the same ticket, rather than looking at the whole picture.  Despite all the dirt on politicians, these debates really show them as humans. No speeches, just the issues and their honest opinion.  Even politicians are social media gangsters and say things behind the scenes that they wouldn’t dare say as frankly in person.  Romney and VP Biden are both older candidates who have more life experience than President Obama and Ryan,  so in that fact alone there’s going to be a level of respect handed to the opposing party from the start.  I mean Ryan was 2, when VP Biden started his career.

Moral of the Story: President Obama and VP Biden are a dream team :-) It’s not the President’s job to be the Vice President.  Sometimes I swear people talk because they have lips, lol (inside joke). The reality is when you were around for something that someone is telling you they read in a textbook, you’re gonna laugh at their version of events when they’re inaccurate.   I know I wasn’t the only one laughing when Ryan was bringing up Reagan policy and VP Biden talked about working under the Reagan administration.  And while Romney may have dominated the conversation talking about getting jobs the Republican way, our President smiled so many times during his rant because I’m sure he wanted to be respectful of the success Romney and his parents’ created for him.  A success that may not work the 100% of Americans he would be representing.  We still have two more debates, but I think the candidates’ character as a team came through best in the potential next President’s advice to their VP candidates.  Romney told Ryan, “They’re going to come at you now, so get ready”. And President Obama told VP Biden, “Joe Biden should be Joe Biden”. xx

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