“You wanna be the hottest but that shit get complicated…”: A Look at the first 2012 Presidential Debate

Happy Columbus Day!! I decided to use this day off to celebrate the other people that came over to the Americas via boat.  And I’m not talking about Chris, I’m talking about Africans or present day African Americans aka black people.  Why wait til February?! I mean we have really come far in this country considering our beginning.  A black man now sits in the highest seat in the nation.  You may be over the fact that our President is black, but you know I’m not :-)  Seriously though, regardless of race or ethnicity, it’s President Obama’s character that holds his place in the hearts of many Americans. Something Donald Trump didn’t understand, but the first Presidential Debate of 2012 proved.

I didn’t get to watch the debate on Thursday night and unfortunately had to sit quietly as everyone bashed President Obama for not being aggressive.  I knew I was only getting half of the story when people said that though Romney made no sense his stance was more authoritative and “president-like”, making him the winner of the debate. Boo.  I finally got around to watching the debate and like I thought propoganda on my President, lol.  Without even going into the issues, cause it’s safe to say we all agree Romney made no sense :-) ; judging the debate on the candidate’s stance and demeanor still puts President Obama on top in my eyes.  I think the problem is Americans are too used to the drama of reality tv.  Unfortunately this being the reality that matters the most, people are only looking for who’s going to pop off first and throw the first blow.  Sorry this isn’t VH1, lol, it’s a debate for the next President of the United States.  I know I don’t want the person who will have control of the “bomb button” popping off in the White House.  So no, President Obama wasn’t aggressive, but he was assertive and put valid points on the table to support his argument as well as discredit Romney.  And did so without a neck roll, head back and snap. Something Romney couldn’t do, I mean there’s rules to the debate; you can’t just say, “No I need to respond to that…” and just keep going despite the mediator.  Like I said, not the person I want in control of the “bomb button”.

And just to prove that President Obama is great, let’s take a look at the issues.  Romney made it very clear his goal is to make sure the military is strong and to create jobs.  We know the first lesson in economics is there is no such thing as a free lunch. So where does Romney think the government is going to get $2,000,000,000,000,000 to support that strong military?! That would be education, rape victims and foolish homebuyers. Cause he also made it clear that nothing will be changing for the top earners in this country.  And though not stating a figure, he did refute President Obama’s attack with, “It won’t be a 2 trillion dollar investment”. No maybe just 1 trillion, since we don’t have a number.  Like the President said, “It’s simple arithmetic”.  Something you think the businessman and lawyer would get.  You can’t just produce jobs without making sure your workforce is healthy and educated.  Those conditions sound familiar?! The reality is things will take time to get to a better place. And President Obama is seeing to it that most, not just 1% of Americans will be OK in a couple of years.

Moral of the Story: President Obama is the man :-) And though it shouldn’t matter, he’s a black man.  An image that has been tainted in America for many years.  It’s refreshing to see a black leader of the Free World, considering the way we came over. But what I think makes President Obama’s presidency so significant, is the proof that you really can move forward in a lifetime.  Like I said before, there are people who voted for Obama who didn’t have the option to do so in the past.  And unless you want to be one of the people talking about the good old days of benefits of programs such as Medicaid and Medicare with your voucher in hand, I suggest you take part in shaping history.  It’s bigger than black and white, Democrats and Republicans, and who seems president-like and who’s actually the president; it’s about our future. I want the person who is thinking about that in the hot seat. xx



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