Peace. Love. Football.

So once again yet another football season is upon us and the collective groan of females across the nation can be heard as loud as a Peyton Manning audible. Ladies from Dallas to Baltimore now have to fight with the NFL on Fox for the attention of their significant others. Trips to Home Depot and Ikea have been postponed because of Sunday’s doubleheader. But what is it about football more than any other sport that compels men to become zombies and women to become second place. Simply put America loves football. When asked about it many females respond that the sheer violence of the game and extra rules make it unwatchable and hard to follow. However, what was surprising to me was the number of women who have chosen to watch the game with their men… some still do not understand the concept but were willing to compromise for the sake of their relationship.

Football is this nation’s pastime, never mind that baseball has had that title for over a century. Every weekend millions of homes are tuned in to watch those 22 men battle it out on the gridiron for three hours. And the popularity of the sport has increased with women to the point that not only are they at the bars drinking beers and watching, they have started their own league. Yes while the Lingerie League seems cheesy, these females are serious about their craft. But back to the issue at hand, how does a girl compete with football? My personal experiences with females has led me to the “if you can’t beat them then join them” mentality. Though I have lost relationships based on the decision to watch the Giants take on the Eagles for the most part it is all about compromise.

Holidays like Thanksgiving have also forced the football dynamic to enter the relationship. That last Thursday has not solely become about getting together and enjoying family… please. It’s now about watching the annual Cowboys game and as more and more women start having homes with their men the specter of Thanksgiving football just grows exponentially. All in all sorry to any females that may read this but you will never win versus football. So kudos to those few women who have decided to brave it and watch alongside with their companions, especially since they know revenge will be served up by making men watch Basketball Wives.

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