Let’s Talk About It: “Make up. . . Cake Up?”

Is your face made up or caked up? As much as I love me some Lil Kim, is this the image of what a made up face looks like? Recently a side by side  image of Rasheeda from Love and Hip Hop Season 2 was floating around the web. One side clearly being her natural face and the other side being her made up face. There was a lot of controversy surrounding whether she was just as beautiful without make up as she was with. I mean sure the natural face was a little bland looking and yeah she may have had bags under her eyes, but to me she was just as pretty without.

In theory make up is supposed to enhance our natural beauty to bring certain features out. But when is too much just too much? We can say “yeah it’s the industry and that’s why women such as Lil Kim and Rasheeda and the many others have such an overly made face”, but what happens when the girls riding on the train on your daily commute, faces look the same way? It’s hard to think are these girls are working in somebody’s office! I mean I’m not judging but when can you be honest and say maybe that’s a little too much.

Speaking as a girl who considers make up lip gloss and nothing else, I don’t want to come across as one of these overly opinionated girls speaking on overly made faces. However I can speak as a girl who does see more and more young girls with an excessive amount of make up on their face. All in all I’m hoping it’s more for beauty enhancing than wanting to be something their not. As reality shows and television allow more and more anybodies celebrity status for 5 minutes; I hope this trend is not just some cry for help or attention, but a choice with a secure esteem to go hand in hand.

Society can be very cruel; forcing you to believe what is considered to be beautiful and what isn’t. As cheesy as it is, beauty is really in the eye of the beholder and what may be beautiful to one can be  just as well be ugly to another. One thing I do know is that a caked up face is not that beautiful to me especially, if your riding on the number 2 train at 9 am on Monday morning. It’s a bit awkward and can come across as “I’m on  my way to a photo shoot or a taping of a show”.  Again it’s just my opinion, but there’s something very refreshing about a natural  face. No big eyelashes, no layers of foundation, no nothing. Just you.

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