“Boy I think you’re special, strictly Presidential”: An Update on the 2012 Presidential Election

I’ve really been going hard with the whole #Vote2012orshuttup, lol. If you’ve spoken to me in the last two months, I’m sure I’ve brought up the upcoming Presidential election and checked in that you’re registered to vote and voting for Obama :-) Most of which were great conversations, if you were registered to vote and was voting for Obama. But there are two convos in particular that I’m still tackling. One with a Republican who’s still on the fence and one with a friend who isn’t registered to vote and can care less about what Romney or Obama has to say.  Yea I was just as shocked when I found out they existed too, lol.  And if Thursday night didn’t persuade every American to want to take part in this yet again historic race, then I’m here to give it my best shot.  The reality is there are many middle class Americans who are not better off now than they were four years ago. And some who are now even more disenfranchised than they were four years ago. To many of these people, Romney’s promise of jobs can seem promising.  Not to mention the diminished hope to even participate if your situation hasn’t improved in the last four years.

I want to start by saying I believe in self governance, like President Obama.  There are those times though, where you may find yourself turning to the legal system or the legal system greeting you :-) And in those times you want the people making decisions to have your rights in mind.  Which is why we vote; to put those people in place, just in case, lol! The party conventions are a great start to see where each party stands on current controversial issues. But I always love the debates, that’s where things get real. Cause it’s no more talking smack to the cameras and the candidates meet face to face.  According to Wikipedia, “The main target for these debates are undecided voters; those who usually aren’t partial to either political ideology or party.” And it’s the perfect time to figure out why you should vote for President Obama :-)

It’s no secret I’m an Obama groupie.  I vowed to stay aware after voting this past Congressional election.  And if you’ve been reading Dynamo, you know since the Republicans took majority in the House they have not made things easy for President Obama. Or anyone for that matter, lol. I mean we’re seriously discussing what counts as “legitimate rape” and the value of teachers to society, on account of you know who.  Mind you, President Obama is trying to make opportunities for all Americans, even the ones not born here. He also looked out for us women :-) And I’m sure First Lady Michelle Obama is why he didn’t forget about us.  She also spoke about their family’s humble beginnings before the White House.  So while things may not be better than four years ago, they are also not worse than four years ago.  Even Clinton explained that he needed 8 years to clean up the Republicans shenanigans, lol. My dad told me that “the shortcut draws blood, the long way draws sweat”.  So yes Romney may bring jobs, but at the expense of what?! I think I’m a sweat this one out with President Obama.  But I’ll be sure to be tuned in to see Romney and Ryan sweating when Obama and Biden brings the facts to their face :-) You should too! xx

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