“Alpha Male”: Jeffrey

Name: Jeffrey

Age: 18

Occupation: High School Student

Why He’s an Alpha Male: “I think I’m an Alpha Male because I have been in ROTC for 3 years and I have worked hard to be Command Sergeant Major in my JROTC Battalion, which is the 3rd highest ranking.  I have participated in a lot of volunteer work with ROTC as well as on my own by helping the people running marathons and finding other things I can volunteer for.  I help out whenever I can, even when I don’t have the obligation to.  I come to the study groups at my school which has helped me get a 4 (the second highest score possible) on my AP exam.  I take care of my little brothers and try to be a good role model for them.  Two summers ago when my mom was having trouble with bills, I got a summer job and gave her a portion of the money each time I got paid.  I plan to attend a 4 year university to study pre-med and major in electrical engineering, then I will apply to medical school, and go through all of the years of residency to become a neurosurgeon.”

I’m confident you will achieve all your heart desires Jeffrey!  Keep up the hard work, and make sure you enjoy the ride!

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