On the Platform of Progress

At what I assume to be a “normal” life crossroads, I am learning very quickly that my achievements on this journey are determined by my ability to bounce back after setbacks. Success comes by way of failure and that means after the 3-13-car train of bad news, rejection, and wrong turns there is a caboose full of just the opposite. Your train could be robbed leaving only an empty carcass for you to find, but that is when you process your ability to achieve the list outlined in your metaphorical composition book as “Things to Make Happen” in life. Alas, the caboose will not be robbed because you are prepared to battle thieves and pirates alike with something we know as hard work paying off.


That sounds perfect. And the plan is not kink-less of course because life is not easy. That is the one lie we were not told in school so if you picked it up along the way, take it back there and leave it. We watch “perfect” on T.V. but we all know it’s fake… right? The scenes in that annoying HD do get pretty realistic, so I can (maybe) see how it gets confusing. Experiences in our day-to-day lives are chock-full of highs and lows that do not disappear between commercial breaks and we have to face even the most difficult decisions or realities. With the real strength being built in the process of getting up from falling down, not everyone is equipped to perform this with ease. There are the introverts who sit and process in solitude to evaluate the situation and then the extraverts who surround themselves with others for encouragement or in an effort to disregard. Either way there is the need to grow from our downfalls. I usually enlist a four-point list of actions to make sure I stay on my feet and get to my caboose.

  1. Re-evaluate Confidence- Knowing that you can do something usually helps you do it. The irony is that we get in our way of reaching dreams due to a bad case of fear, apprehension or disillusionment. Those human emotions aside, confidence is based in fact. This is the acknowledgment of qualities, skills and capabilities that simply exist from your own history that are applied to each new circumstance you approach in hope of success. Rejection with or without great cause feel like you did not get picked for basketball in the neighborhood. Really, nobody wants me? Because we cannot escape rejection, we must use it as the launch pad into the next opportunity for we want you!
  2. Take a Risk- This is because we always ask “but what if I can’t do it.” Would you be at the brink of  “next” if you had not come this far? That is the strongest point to be made about success. You have reached some level of it and have it under your feet for balance and bounce. And let’s be real, you might not be able to do it. But I am firm believer in all experiences being learning opportunities. If you do it, there is something to learn from it. That’s a little morsel of “success” that is inevitably putting you a step closer to the whole cake!
  3. Stay Supported- This does not require “everybody to be all up in your business girl.” Support simply calls for however many people you desire in your corner despite the ups or downs. I could say more, but we have all had enough “bad friends” to know bad intentions. Stay clear of those waiting for your caboose, they come as distractions too. Outside of that, the right family, friends, church or AA meeting will do! A companion on a productive path like you is also a good idea. Accountability brings the worker bee out of all of us.
  4. Never Give Up- Ever. Because how can you? Simple.

And who am I to talk about success? Nobody, really. I just see you across the platform as I wait for my train, and thought I would tell you what I do when it rains out here.

Be Pe2ce


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