PSA: A plea from a frustrated, not angry black woman to all Dynamos!!

As we get older, it’s important that we become educated about our bodies and how they work.  There are a lot of health concerns and epidemics in the black community that we don’t address for many reasons.  In a recent conversation with Dynamo Dr. Nikki, I expressed my concern for the black community as it seems that no one wants to step up to the plate and take responsibility for our current state.  I mean, yes we’ve all heard about the MAN, but like Nicole asked me, “Who really is the MAN?!” Yes, racial tensions still exist in America, no one is taking that away from us as an “excuse” for our lack of progress, but is 2010 not the time when WE finally look to ourselves and see what we bring to the table?!  I struggle sometimes when I write because I don’t want to come off as angry, but it’s frustrating to see how we are literally killing ourselves (myself included) and don’t want to at least try to figure out what the problem is. And not that I am any better for knowing  how I am killing myself, but if more of us were knowledgable of how sometimes our “being black” and “keeping it real” really isn’t keeping it real at all, we could become better support systems for each other to do the right thing.  So Dynamos, I know the health posts aren’t as fun to read as the ones about landing Mr. Right, but they are way more important.  As black adult women we’ve always worked 2x as hard to show America that we can do it.  Of course, we couldn’t do it without our bonds and friendships :-) , so please let us all become educated so we can become better support systems for ourselves, each other, our men and our children. xx

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