Reflection on the Ride thus far…

The thing that is fun about being married is that even with the routines of family life, I feel like my husband and I are still getting to know each other.  Yes, that includes the good and the less attractive things about each other which we won’t explore here because I want my marriage to succeed!  I probably know him better than anyone else in this world, but every now and then there is a new caveat to his existence that makes me love him a little bit more.  Even better than that, sometimes I get to witness direct evidence of his amazing qualities that I previously only speculated were in him.  When I watch him with our son, it is clear that he loves being a father and it brings me such joy.

I knew that I was going to marry my husband after we spent an entire day just talking; we literally just talked about everything.  We even forgot to eat, which is pretty deep!   Of course he didn’t realize who I would become right away, it took him quite a while to figure it out; but that’s often the case for men.  Around this time, I remember asking a variety of different people what being in love feels like.  One answer that stood out to me was that love is an “emotional rollercoaster” (before Vivian Green’s hit), and I was thinking to myself, well I guess I’m not in love because all it felt was GOOD to me at the time.  You know, it was that infatuation phase where it’s all grins, giggles and butterflies.  Little did I know, this wise woman was so right.  There are some crazy ups and downs in any relationship, but when she  told me this it was so fresh and new.  So yeah, after about 10 total years of claiming each other we have been through some things; but I appreciate the stages we have persevered through because perseverance builds character which gives way to hope.  With that said, we haven’t yet celebrated 3 years of marriage, so I’m sure we are in for a plethora of challenges I haven’t even thought of yet.  But with the majority of rollercoasters I’ve been on, I’m really enjoying this ride!

Similar to what S.Mat mentioned about marriage, one of the things I love most about my boo is that he is unapologetically a man.  I tell him that often.  While my human nature nudges me to nag or manipulate him into being the best man he can be for ME, I try to submit to The Father and just pray that he is the man he needs to be to fulfill God’s purpose for his life,  which I’m sure would make me happier than any result I could ever get through nagging!  I recently came across this post on Pinterest where Jamie lists 25 prayers she says for her husband.  I’m with it Jamie!

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