“Alpha Male” + “On That Independent Shit” = Interview with Engaged Couple Lamont and Ajanna

Name: Lamont

Age: 30

Occupation: Dispatcher Journeyman

Why did you propose?: “I proposed because I could not see my days without this woman. With that being said I had to realize that things don’t always stay as they are, so despite my nature of procrastination I decided to not take what we have for granted and be proactive. I opted on the most unconventional method to ease my nerves and not allow this moment to be planned by Ajanna but instead remembered by her. Basically it was time…now or never!”


Name: Ajanna

Age: 27

Occupation: Collateral Analyst

Why did you say ‘yes’?: “ I said yes because well we obviously love each other, lol. But bigger than that I felt that finally we were on the same page…my other half had met me half way. In relationships contributions will not always be 50-50, but when you are at that place at the same time then embrace the challenge of a new chapter in your relationship. I was never truly asked the question “will you marry me” but more so “what do you think”. At the end of the day as unconventional as it was, it was our way and I wouldn’t change our story for the world because it’s us.”

Ajanna and Lamont’s advice to couples: “Our advice for couples looking to take their relationship to the next level is to communicate, have fun, and always impress each other. Communication is vital as it leaves no room for assumptions. When opinions, likes and/or dislikes are made clear there is no room for guess work.

Having fun coincides with laughing, I find this is good for the soul. Life is too short to always be serious so if he/she can make you laugh or even just the mere thought of your spouse makes you smile then the two of you are in good company. When we say impress each other we mean it literally. Ladies don’t be slack on the heels, a little makeup, a night without a scarf, and a cute dress for date night. Gentlemen be open-minded, dress up even if just for dinner, wear her favorite cologne scent, hold her hand on a blazing hot day, and maybe leave a little scruff on the face every once in a while (grind mode).

 Dare to be spontaneous and live out of your comfort zones as you both create a newfound element together. Our relationship has been long and definitely endured up, downs, break-ups and make-ups but in the end we found our way back. We encourage all couples to follow your heart and enjoy the ride!”

Thanks AJ and Lamont :-) Best of luck on your new journey and stay positive!! xx

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