“I don’t just like you, I like you like you”: A Look at “Fake Love”

* Turn on Radio *

I hope that you’re the one, If not, you are the prototype…

* change station *

I’m speechless baby, don’t know what to say. I’m just speechless baby, the poet in me has gone away…

* change station *

You just gotta let me love. Let me love, let my love adorn you…

Fake Love is in the air. I’m not just talking about the love you have for your husband or your #him. Not just the love you have for your crush, or me for Reggie Bush. Whoever you think about when you hear those songs, ladies and gents, that’s the type of love you’re experiencing. So what if you guys haven’t made wedding plans or even exchanged numbers. If when you close your eyes, you can imagine slow dancing with the love of your life, even if it’s temporary, you’re in love. It may be hard to explain to your friends, but believe me, I understand. Step into my office.

I’ve experienced different types of love relationships. Between myself and a significant other, myself and family members, objects and the greatest love of all, God; however, this love we’re about to talk about, easily makes the top 3. Those reading this may have many different names for it, but I, Brooklyn’s Sweetheart, dub this love: Fake Love.

You hear fake love and you may immediately think negatively simply because of the word fake; I urge you not to, as it takes away from this wonderful experience. Also, when telling your friends, you don’t say, “Ladies, I’m in FAKE LOVE!!!” You instead say,  “Ladies, I’m in LOVE!!!” * insert womanly screams of happiness * Fake love is that happiness you have when flaws turn into infatuation. The one side of him that you only see, is the only side that you need to see. There are no courtship rules, responsibilities or rhetoric; it’s your own game of happiness and you play it to ensure the end result is a smile on your face. It’s no holds barred, fun. * swoon *

Some may argue it’s lust, but it’s more than a physical attraction. He is actually intriguing, especially since you in your right mind, don’t trip over just anyone. Furthermore, in the back of your mind (maybe not too far back) you wouldn’t mind it working out. It’s irrational, it’s crazy, it’s nothing you’ve probably ever thought about and in the same sentence, it’s the most fun you’ve had in a while; it’s dramatic! It can go from shying away at his look, to arguing through spurts of laughter about something in the car, to being upset you didn’t speak to him before you went to bed to finally waking up to that good morning text that NEVER FAILS. (Fellas, take note, good morning text messages are winners.)

Call me crazy, but if you haven’t experienced fake love, you haven’t experienced life – maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but hopefully you get what I mean.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include a caveat: Please do not confuse fake love and real love. They are two immensely different emotions whose lines often times become blurred. When the vision is blurred, you can get hurt, feel sad and depressed and end up eating a tub of your favorite ice cream; putting those 10lbs you worked so hard to lose back on. Real love is deeper and not as ‘superficial’. While care and tenderness are present in both situations; obligations and the need vs. the want are present in real love. Real love is a joint interest; you want to build each other up and make each other better. It’s more than just going through something, but how you come out of it once all is said and done. Whether times are good or bad, happy or sad, true love survives it all.

Smoochis :-*

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