My Mother. . . My Daughter. . .


Funny to say the tables seemed to be reversed these days. Everyone who knows me always hears me joke and call my mother my daughter. I mean seriously she is though. Despite the age difference you might as well say I gave birth to her, lol. It’s funny how the older you get the more you appreciate life and everything that has been given to you. The best thing that was ever to given to me was this simple lady named Diane Key. I know if she heard that she would definitely say that it’s other way around, she would say “Erin you were the best thing given to me, not your sister Chelsea” lol, just kidding. But I mean she would. As I sit here and write this in the very early minutes of this Mother’s Day, I reflect on my number one love, my mom; the woman who has made me who I am and I couldn’t have asked for a better one.

As I said before it’s funny how the roles have changed. If it’s not me asking my mom about why she’s running the street and coming home on public transportation so late, to why is she wearing that, to who she’s on the phone with,  to why does she have a cell phone and she doesn’t bother to answer it? You would definitely think I’m the parent in this relationship. I think that I just care more these days. When I was in high school and college those things were never even a thought or concern. But now as I get older as well as she, I have learned that tomorrow is never promised and I must cherish every day with the woman who has instilled in me all of my core values and morals and who has supported me and helped me get to where I am today.

My mother worked two full time jobs all my life. As a nurse she was able to devote herself to not only patients she worked with, but her family, friends or anyone else who needed her. Her independence as not only a working woman, but her ability to be a loving wife and still manage her household to the best of her ability while raising two children has shown me the epitome of what a great mom and person she is. I can honestly say looking back my sister and I gave her hell at times, but now I would give her the world and more. I always said there were very few people in this world I wanted to be like, but my mom is on the top of that list.

As I celebrate this Mother’s day with the generations of women in my family from young to old, I can only think I was so blessed not only to have the mom that I have but to have other women in my life of that same character and creed. I say soldiers are definitely being raised on this side and think of what type of mom I’m going to be. As I look forward to being a mother one day, I just hope and pray I can do as great as job as the woman who raised me because I was truly fortunate to have not only a role model but a great person to look up to. Love you my daughter lol . . . . .

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