A Reflection on Being A Mother

“Mmmmaammmmaa” and “Ball” – these are the two words my son says most often and with the most certainty, and I love it!  So, I’m about to celebrate my 2nd Mother’s Day, and I’m not sure that it has fully sunken in yet…I have a kid that says two real words?  Are you serious?  This whole process of watching a child grow is the most amazing thing to observe.  You look at this beautiful child and your mind is continuously blown.  It’s really quite a self-esteem booster.  Sometimes I look at my son, and I think to myself that I must be pretty fly since he came out of me!  Heeeeeeeey! :)   I’m sure most new parents feel the same.

At the same time, it’s a lot of pressure to think of the big plans that God has for this child, and that for whatever reason, you are the one that has been entrusted to nurture them and help them reach their purpose.  This of course goes for mothers who adopt children officially and unofficially, because raising a child is raising a child.  When entrusted with the care of a child, you have the responsibility to speak life into them, regardless of your own circumstances.  Giving them more than you had is always a natural goal, and not in a political or material sense, but in terms of values and experiences.  You just have to “Train up a child in the way that he should go” and trust  and pray that ” he will not depart from it”.  You want to do the absolute best for your child, but in the end you have to trust that they will make good decisions with the tools you have given them.

Grace under pressure” is a cliché that a mother exercises constantly, because it is a lot of work!  Dealing with all of the highs and lows of life is an accomplishment in itself, and successfully raising a literate person on top of that is pretty deep.  There is so much I have taken for granted that my mother has taught me through word and action.  Even when she was working hard to support me and give me those things she didn’t have growing up, she made sure I was with other women who would care for me as if I was their own and teach me well (shout out to Nana, my Aunties, and my second mothers, I love you guys!).  She taught me how to show love and how to be loved without ever explicitly telling me how, and it is such a blessing that I know I haven’t reflected on as I should.  Since I technically grew up in a single parent home, I have at times been jealous of healthy father-child relationships, but I now realize how privileged I have been to have a mother who deserves celebration.  Yes, I am among the statistical majority who had a loving mother to care for them,  but sadly so many don’t for a lot of different reasons.   With this in mind, the best way I can think of to honor my mother during this season and always is to be a great mother to my son and any future offspring, and a great second mother or mentor to someone else’s child.  If we know love (God is love), we should pass on the legacy of love, and I don’t believe anyone can do this better than a mother.

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