Let’s Talk About It: “Is President Obama just being a politician?!”

It looks like love and relationships are a hot topic for everyone, not just Dynamo this month :-) Yesterday, President Obama went on record as the first president to support gay marriage in the US.  And with gay marriage being an issue for each state to decide on, it’s a huge step for human rights.  Many have started questioning if this huge step is a genuine effort from the President or tactic being used to win the upcoming election. So let’s talk about it, but first below find a clip from ABC News with the President’s statement:


“I mean, the reality is it is an election year and hot topics like gay marriage are going to come up. Like I told my roommate last night, this is not the first time President Obama has shown his support for the LGBT community.  Someone once told me, “it’s not what you say, it’s what you do.” And this quote came to mind when I heard people were accusing the President of playing the politics game with his statement on gay marriage. Regardless of when he would’ve went on record with his “evolution” in feelings, his political career has supported the equal rights of the LGBT community before this.  I think that’s also telling and might help to debunk the idea that this is all politics.  Or maybe President Obama has been up on his Dynamo game :-) and decided “marriage is love according to the law” that all members of society should be able to benefit (or suffer, lol) from.  That’s very plausible as well.  Which is why Obama has my vote, lol. But seriously as we move closer to the election and issues arise, the candidates are going to have to take a stand on things.  And we have many months ahead of hot issues and debates, but be sure to look at the candidates track record and what they do. Cause that’s the same track record the candidate is bringing to the white house, regardless of what they said during their campaign.  Shout out to Obama for yet again making history :-) xx”

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