‘Til Death Do Us Part. . . . . . Say Whatttttttttt????????????

Hmmmmmm, that’s kind of steep. Can we change that to “til Love do us part”? Yeah that sounds a little better to me. You see I vowed to myself that if ever I get married, yes I would love for it to be until death do us part. But you see I want to be in love forever as well. I never saw myself as being married for companionship, so if that’s what it is I’m good. I’ll pass on that one! As someone who has been in a relationship for going on three years, I definitely see myself getting married and I definitely am very happy in my love. I use to question if I even wanted to be married and if it’s just hype. I don’t want to live a miserable life just to say I was married and had a damn ring on my finger. I mean everyone knows 50% of all marriages end up in divorce, but what does it take to stay in love forever?

As many books as there are,  movies, television series, and all other hooplas on what it takes to have a successful marriage, no one can write everyone’s individual story. Meaning no matter how much knowledge I gather on this, all I can do is learn successful tools on how to stay with someone and make it work. But realistically no one can write my own story but me. As much as I can try to plan my life with someone and work towards certain common goals, no one knows what life has in store or where it may even take this love that I have with this very special someone. People can plan, but life takes us down many roads without preparation and I feel like only true love can withstand those trials and tribulations. Not a ring, not a marriage, but love. So why is there so much emphasis on marriage? Why as little girls are we trained to want that fairytale wedding, if most people these days can’t even stay together anymore?

Anyone can see that the foundation and morals for which American society lives by has changed and has a tremendous contribution as to why most marriages fail. But is it that people just don’t love like they used to? If you ask me, it truly boils down to the question: what is love to you? And do you love yourself? You have to start somewhere. As cliché as it is I feel that a lot of people have a false perception of what self love is and therefore give that false love to others. But who’s to blame? Again is it society and what we see? Is it how we grow and what our parents and family teach us about what love is supposed to be? I’m no love doctor, but I think it’s a combination of all those things. Just like there are all kinds of books on marriage, there’s just as many that teaches not only about love in relationships but love for self. So is that good enough? I don’t know like I said I’m no love doctor and can’t answer many of these questions. What I can say is that I hope to be in love forever. I mean yes I hope my very nice ring will come eventually and then soon after a wedding, but more than death do us part. I want to know that love will do us part,  meaning the only reason to walk away is to know that the love that once was is no longer there.

I am a firm believer in love always prevailing. I feel for everyday that more and more people are divorcing, just as much as people are falling in love and getting married. It may not be in the same increasing rate, but I truly believe that there is a genuine factor for most people who still get married these days. That factor being love and what it truly means for them. My parents have been married for over 35 years. I have been witness to many of their ups and downs, but also have been there for many of their happy moments. Still after all these years through all their arguments and crazy moments, you see a genuine love between them.  The genuine love that they have for each other has stood the test of time and every so often on a good day I can get a glimpse of what a true joy that is.

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