“Whats Love Got to Do With It?!”: A Reflection on Relationships in the Black Community

It’s May!! And as we get closer to summer, your love situation is either you’re preparing for your fantasy wedding or fantasy wild nights as a newly freed single :-) Of course there’s a lot of relationship types in between the two: friends, it’s complicated aka friends with benefits, going steady, boyfriend/girlfriend, engaged, newlyweds, happily ever after or maybe I made a mistake, take two, three… (insert number here)x divorcee, lol

No matter where you are in your road to happily ever after, the end destination is eternal happiness, lol. That looks different to a lot of people.  It’s no secret what my idea of ”happily ever after” is :-) And like I said before, “when you find the ‘Adam’ or ‘Amanda’ that matches your worth, submission won’t be a question.” I’ve always considered marriage, love according to the law.  And if you’re a law abiding citizen :-) , you know marriage is serious business. Break the vows you made, there’s serious consequences.  Just ask Lorena, lol. For some reason, statistics show that black people are the least likely to get and stay married in the US. While many things can explain this,  I don’t think lack of love is the reason. To me all the babies in our community are proof that love still exists! Even if conceived on a fantasy wild summer night, lol. Seriously though as much as we joke about love, the reality is it is the base to our family structure and future generations of love.  Our parents taught us and as mid mid-lifers, we’re now also role models for the next generation.

This month on Dynamo we’re going to look at all the relationship types from dating to marriage in the black community! Through features, interviews and telling our personal stories, the writers this month will share their tales of love :-) And as we all prepare for our “summer love activites” :-) : weddings, family vacation, baby showers, engagement parties, random hook-ups at the beach, lol; my hope is that we take the business of love more seriously.  Cause no matter your idea of “happily ever after”, real eternal happiness for us and our children can only come from knowing true love :-)


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