How to Get a Life!


I know you probably feel like a little bit of a lame for clicking this link because your life is probably extremely fun-filled and exciting already, but I promise I’ll never tell!

So I am now a true adult (on the outside) at the great age of 30, a wife and a mother, a full-time worker , PLUS I watch reality TV! I mean who can get anything done when NeNe Leakes is very rich now, Evelyn (Shaunie O’Neal’s good friend) is throwing bottles and jumping over tables, and Khloe and Lamar are moving to Texas from LA!  Yes, as you can see, I don’t have much of a life!  While I have mostly lost the desire to party like a rock-star anyways, I do get the urge to break my routine and pamper myself, or to try out a new restaurant, especially because I haven’t explored this new city like I should have.  Now you know that dining out and getting pampered can run up quite a bill, and aren’t we all on a tight budget these days?  I have reconciled this in my own life through the use of deal-of-the-day websites like Groupon and Living Social.  Basically these sites highlight a local businesses in your area that are running specials for a certain period of time.  The offer is only available for purchase during a short window of time, usually 1 – 2 days, and you have to pay for it up front.  When you want to use it (usually they are valid for at least 3 – 6 months), you print out the voucher or show it on your phone and it’s processed like a gift certificate.  There are plenty of similar sites like Google Offers, Bloomspot, and Scoutmob, but I haven’t explored those all the way  just yet.

Some examples of things I have personally purchased are:

- 3 massages and facials for $39

- Shellac manicure and eyebrow wax for $25

- One month of unlimited group classes (Zumba, Yoga, Boot Camp) at a local gym for $10

- Dinner for two at a popular Brazilian steak house for $35

- And when my little brother came to visit to surprise me on his birthday, everything we did was on a discount from my trusty deal sites

While I’ve only used these sites primarily for staying pretty, there are tons of other exciting deals available on the daily!  Maybe you want to try paintballing, reformer Pilates, or get a Brazilian wax for the first time, but you don’t want to pay full price until you know you can get through it (ouch)!  Maybe you want to surprise your boo with a quick weekend get-away, or get 50% off at a local boutique, or maybe you simply want to treat your kids, nieces, nephews, children you babysit, or your grandmother with a trip to the local ice cream shop and you just love a coupon….there’s a deal for all of that and way more daily!  Some may say that I’m a lame for having my paid recreational activities revolve around daily coupons, but I prefer to think of myself as an equal-opportunity consumer.  YOU can be one too (insert a cheesy smile and thumbs up), just make sure you use my referral links if you do!  See below:

My Living Social Link

My Groupon Link

And cue TI and Rihanna…

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