Do you know “Who.A.U”???

It all started when I’ve decided to pay my siblings a visit at my mother’s house. As soon as I walk through, my teenage brother runs up to me and the first thing out of his mouth was, “I want you to buy me a ‘Who.A.U’ Outfit!” The look on my face: *.(O_o).* “What the hell is a Who.A.U?!” He replies, “Like one of the hottest brands out right now! Duuhhh!!!”. One thing for certain… my brother is a fashion expert! He knows about all the new brands! The other day he told me, “Who.A.U gotta new sweater coming out! It’s a bad muhfucka! When you try it on, all the girls stop and look at you shining, glitter!” Hahaaa!!! Lol. 100 dollars to anyone who knows where I remixed that from! Lol. Anywho… So I dug up a little something for those who are a little late on the fashion, like I was…

Who.A.U stands for “Who Are You,” and is a relatively new brand with a passion for the “California lifestyle” and “vintage luxury feel”. The brand premieres with most up-to-date trends and fashion-forward styles, as well as traditional basics. At Who.A.U you can find everything from jeans, tops, outerwear, accessories and comfy fleeces. Their mission is to encourage individual expression and excitement through fashion. The brand concept comes from the California Gold Rush of 1849, and they try to project that pioneering spirit in their products. “Brave”, “Original” and “Innovative” are words that are reflective of the Who.A.U brand.

According to, “With the dollar falling to an all time low, it seems that retailers from around the world have had their eyes on the United States. It’s no surprise either since the United States is a nation of shopaholics. People in the United States love to shop and eat. Anyways, word has it that a very successful retail concept from Korea called Who A.U. has its eyes on California and then the rest of the United States. January’s ULI magazine discussed global retailers expanding across the United States and Who A.U. was mentioned.”

Who.A.U has a New York location, be sure to visit if you’re in the city:

Who.A.U, 22 West 34th Street, New York, NY 10001



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