… and now you’ve been introduced!

So that’s the whole team :-) And now the posts begin, lol.  As usual on Thursdays, we will feature recipes for all the Dynamos learning their way around the kitchen (and those that run it, lol)! And on the weekends, we still feature YOU with our weekly “…On That Independent Shit” and “Alpha Male” features :-)

I can’t stress enough that this is OUR platform. Dynamo would be nothing without readers, so please don’t be shy. Submit ideas, comment, contribute posts, tell a friend about the site, reach out to any one of the writers if you really liked their post, if you have a blog then let’s collab, you know  I can go on forever :-) As you help us to get our community talking, we will also be getting our stuff together. In the coming weeks, Dynamo will work on its interface and design to make navigation of the site easier.

Now that we’ve acknowledged who we are, I guess the only thing left is to show who we are.  Starting Monday, be sure to check Dynamo for our daily post :-) And now it’ll be 10x the love, lol, with Erin, Kara, Sabrina, Sharese, Brooklyn’s Sweetheart, Shaun, Tiff, Ms. PhD, Kevin and Tarik!

It’s no secret I love holidays :-) And with tomorrow being St. Patrick’s Day, I’ll leave you with a little clip about why we toast to the Apostle of Ireland, the great St. Patty:

Happy “St. Patrick’s Day and being grateful”!! :-) xx


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