Introducing Erin…

As I begin this journey on a quest for personal growth, self fulfillment, and empowerment of me, my friends, my family and many of those in my community, a lot will question who exactly Erin C. Parker is? Where is she from? What degree does she have and why the hell should I listen to her? I can begin to dissect those questions with a bunch of answers that may not even matter for this purpose and cause.

As I begin to introduce myself to Dynamo and the rest of the world; I want people not necessarily to know me, but more so my thoughts beliefs and ideas for other outlets in life. While at the same time I can only begin to write from my own life experiences, personal relationships and all the knowledge I have attained thus far; I am truly only a person writing from my heart. As I know I will start to discuss and write very personal, emotional and life relating articles and pieces; I know many will criticize and judge, but that’s just a part of this whole writing gig. However I am very hopeful that many will start to not only read and see things from a different perspective; but maybe actually apply certain concepts and ideas from not only my pieces, but from the whole Dynamo experience to their daily lives. I plan to not only write from the perspective of a black 26 year old woman from Brooklyn, but again from what it is I actually know from meeting and being around people from all walks of life. Within the next couple weeks I am highly optimistic that Dynamo will have you wanting to know more about who we are , what it is we have to say, and what it is we plan on doing. I want to be that outlet for those who struggle not only in everyday life, but with real world experiences. For people that don’t get heard or recognized or maybe don’t even have the resources to or knowledge of certain information.

I’m ready, are you??????

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