“I get it from the crown, which means you get it when I’m around”: A Look at Power

One person I have always looked up to is Anna Wintour. Outside of not only wanting her job, lol, I think I most admire the role she plays in fashion as an industry.  It really is more than just clothes, it’s about a lifestyle and inspiring those who shop best: women :-) On Forbes.com, Anna Wintour amongst other established women was featured in a video titled “Defining Power”. Check it out below:

And though we all have our own definitions of power, these women who inspire people all over the world frame it really well. So as we start off our work week and aspire, remember what power is:

“Power to me is something that you earn over time.” ~Mary Callahan Erdoes, CEO of JP Morgan Assets Management

“[Power is] A wonderful opportunity to help others and for that I’m extremely grateful.” ~Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief at Vogue

“[Power is] The ability to set the agenda.” ~Christine Lagarde, Managing Director at the International Monetary Fund

“I suppose power is the ability to influence.” ~Ann Curry, Co-Anchor on Today/NBC News

“I look at power as the ability to get people motivated and to get them to do things that maybe they don’t think are important, but in the end are in pursuit of something greater than themselves.” ~Anne Sweeney, President of Disney/ABC Television Group

“Power to me is the condition that enables you to perform on a lot of things you think needed to be done.” Michelle Bachelet, Executive Director of UN Women and Former President of Chile

“Power today, at least here at the Times, is living up to the name New York Times.” ~Jill Abramson, Incoming Executive Director at The New York Times

Happy “Being Powerful” Ladies! :-) xx

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