Fast Facts On: “Private School in America”

It’s back to school time!! And for parents who wish to enroll their children in private school in NYC, today is the first day of the admissions season. Like I mentioned before, the private school admissions process is exactly what it states, a process.  After calling the same number too many times to remember, only to get the same voice message greeting telling you to keep calling will send anybody crazy :-) But a reminder of why you chose to join the rat race for your little one’s spot always helps, lol.  So today in honor of the parents going through the private school admissions process, we have Fast Facts On: Private School in America courtesy of the Council for American Private Education:

  1. One in four schools is a private school.
  2. One child in nine attends a private school.
  3. Private schools produce an annual savings to taxpayers estimated at more than $48,000,000,000.
  4. Private school students perform better than their public school counterparts on standardized achievement tests.
  5. Ninety percent of private high school graduates attend college, compared to 66 percent of public high school graduates.
  6. Private school students from low socio-economic backgrounds are more than three times more likely than comparable public school students to attain a bachelor’s degree by their mid-20s, meaning that private schools contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty for their students.
  7. Private schools are racially, ethnically, and economically diverse.
  8.  Twenty-three percent of private school students are students of color; 28 percent are from families with annual incomes under $50,000.
  9. Private secondary school students are nearly 50 percent more likely to take Advanced Placement or IB courses in science and math than public school students.
  10. The participation of private school students in community service projects is significantly higher than their public school counterparts.

Happy “Educating Your Kids” Ladies!! :-) xx

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