“He’s oh so Fabolous…” Playlist

Fabolous is the one of the most under-rated rappers, lol.  I mean think about it, he gets little credit for his musical genius.  And he definitely always has a song just for the ladies :-) So in honor of the unappreciated ladies man, we have a playlist filled with our favorite Fabolous songs and features:

  1.  Baby by Fabolous featuring Mike Shorey
  2. Shawty Is A Ten (remix) by The Dream featuring Fabolous
  3. Make You Mine by Fabolous featuring Mike Shorey
  4. Come And Talk To Me 2006 by Jagged Edge featuring Fabolous
  5. Throw It In The Bag (remix) by Fabolous featuring The Dream and Drake
  6. Trade It All by Fabolous featuring Jagged Edge and P. Diddy
  7. Crazy Love by Ne-Yo featuring Fabolous
  8. Good Lovin’ by Slim featuring Ryan Leslie and Fabolous
  9. Make Me Better by Fabolous featuring Ne-Yo
  10. For The Money by Fabolous featuring Nicki Minaj

Happy “Doing Things Loso’s Way” Ladies!! :-) xx

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