“It Takes You Out of Your Box”: A Look at a Black Chinese Opera Singer

Recently my homeboy Mathis sent me a cool feature from HuffingtonPost.com on Tyler Thompson, 16.  Thompson, who lives in Oakland, CA, sings Chinese Opera.  Yup you read right, lol. Black teenage boy who not only sings opera, but sings opera in Chinese. Catch Thompson in action below:

And even if you’re not into Chinese opera, one has to admit it is hard to take your eyes off of Thompson as he sings.  Like he eloquently stated, “I think it’s the music itself, rather than the lyrics. The music is very beautiful, and it’s very passionate. You can hear it when it’s being played. It’s made me want to learn about a world outside of America, or California or just Oakland.” For many young people living in urban areas, extracurricular activities are a source exposure to a world outside of their own.  Thompson’s gift has also literally taken him out of Oakland, allowing him to perform at “San Francisco’s Davies Symphony Hall and Herbst Theater, on television shows such as ‘Good Morning America’ and at the U.S. State Department, where he sang for then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Chinese Vice Premier Wu Yi.”

Moral of the Story: Don’t be afraid to step out the box.  Black people are especially known to sticking with what we know :-) Young men like Thompson and Polo Champions Kareem, Daymar and Brandon are examples of the great things you can achieve when you step out the box.  Remember,  “you put your mind to anything and you can do it.” Plus you can experience a whole new world and learn about another culture.  Best of luck to Tyler in his future endeavors! xx

Thanks Mathis!

Happy “Stepping Out of Your Box” Ladies!! :-) xx

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