Dynamo Beauty 101: Best Summer Multitasking Beauty Products

Step outside and there’s no denying we are in the thick of summer. I love it though :-) The cute cocktail dresses, the cocktails, and of course making sure to use SPF.  But desperate times call for desperate measures, lol.  With the temp in NYC consistently in the 90′s, most ladies are now stuck with over stocking their beauty bars and packing extra items in their beauty bags.  It’s very easy to become a walking pharmacy trying to be prepared  for the summer heat.  Over at BellaSugar.com, they had 5 of the Best Multitasking Summer Beauty Products that will not only have dual jobs but create less clutter in your beauty bars and bags.  And anything that works twice as hard is Dynamo-approved, lol:

1. Everything’s Coming Up Rosy- Looking pale? With Glo Minerals’ tint for cheeks and lips ($15), you’ll get an universally flattering rosy-toned flush in an instant. The beautifully pigmented shade doesn’t budge, and you can easily build upon it for a sheer wash of color or for something more intense. For a simple, summery makeup look, apply the tint to the cheeks and lips, followed by a layer a clear gloss on the lips and a bronzer under the apples of the cheeks to contour.

2. You’ve Got to Love Eucalyptus- Greasy hair and skin? Not only will Dr. Bronner’s eucalyptus-scented liquid castile soap ($9) awaken the senses and clear the sinuses, but it will also deep cleanse and clarify both the skin and hair. Bonus? Eucalyptus oil is also lauded for its germicidal properties, so it will help provide some relief to that skinned knee you got while you were riding that Schwinn around town.

3. I Kidd You Not- Dull complexion? Sure the price tag may be a bit steep at $50 a tube, but Jemma Kidd’s Skin Rescue Bio Complex Veil Tinted Primer (SPF 15) is more than just your ordinary premakeup product. Because it moisturizes, primes, illuminates, and tints the skin with the slightest hint of color, you’ll find it’s all you really need complexion-wise — well, and some extra sun protection, of course.

4. Olive You- Dry skin? O.N.E. Skincare’s all-in-one Olive Oil Nourishing Enrichment ($30) can be applied just about everywhere on the body to nourish and moisturize. Use it a as a hair mask, as a makeup remover, or even to soothe skin irritation caused by waxing or shaving. Best of all, it has a truly rich, deep, and natural scent.

5. Argan’t You Glad?- Frizzy, parched hair? You’ll be really glad when you try Sally Hershberger’s new Hyper Hydration Super Argan Serum ($15), which launches next month at Ulta. The serum can be used on wet hair as a deep conditioning treatment, on damp hair as a heat-protecting product before blow-drying, or on dry hair as a smoothing serum. Consider this frizz fighter a triple threat.

Happy “Staying Beautiful this Summer” Ladies!! :-) xx

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