PSA: Birth Control Pills Doesn’t Mean Weight Gain

You read right, birth control pills don’t cause weight gain. For some vain women the deciding factor to opt out on birth control pills has been the rumor that they lead to weight gain.  And with birth control pills being one of the most effective ways to prevent unplanned pregnancies, it just earned its way back to the “birth control” table :-)WebMD had a great piece that clarified the birth control/weight gain controversy:

“All medications can have side effects for some of the people using them. Aspirin may cause heartburn. Cough medicines can make some people sleepy. The most common birth control pill side effects are breakthrough bleeding, breast tenderness, nausea, and headache.

For a few women, the pill may cause some weight gain, often due to fluid retention. But not significant amounts, and not for most women. Indeed, a review of 44 studies showed no evidence that birth control pills caused weight gain in most users. And, as with other possible side effects of the pill, the minimal weight gain is generally temporary, going away within two to three months.

While weight gain is an uncommon and temporary side effect to the pill, if you happen to be one of those few women who put on pounds, talk to your doctor. Your doctor may suggest a different type of birth control pill. Why? Because all pills are not the same. Whichever pill you try, remember to give it at least three months for any side effects to pass.

How Did The Myth About the Pill and Weight Gain Get Started?

When birth control pills were first sold in the early 1960s, they had very high levels of estrogen and progestin, nearly 1,000 times more hormones than most women needed! And there’s the clue. Estrogen in high doses can cause weight gain due to increased appetite and fluid retention. So 50 years ago the pill may indeed have caused weight gain in some women. Today’s birth control pills have much lower amounts of hormones. The pill remains one of the most effective forms of birth control available when used correctly.”

Now if only they can come out with something to make sure you take them on time :-)

Happy “Possibly Popping the Pill Again” Ladies!! :-) xx

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