Fast Facts On: “Ten Ways to Tell You’re Getting Old”

So this weekend I chaperoned my little sister’s “Sweet 16″ party bus.  Just me and 50 16 year olds, lol. And there were so many things that confirmed the fact that I was now old.  First the fact that thought I was sexy in my trendy knit dress, but apparently the dress code must’ve been “birthday suit” cause that’s what all the girls seemed to have on.  Then there was the music.  I mean I know I listen to my fair share of things :-) , but everything was “Tap that”  or “I just wanna…” use your imagination.  And when I started dozing off at 1:30, I was officially labeled “old”.  Still in denial though, I decided to get a second opinion, lol.  Over at, they had “Top Ten Ways to Tell You’re Getting Old” And after smiling at many things on the list, I knew my young days were limited :-) :

10. Your little black book contains only names ending with M.D.

9. You get winded playing chess.

8. Your back goes out more than you do.

7. When you sit in the rocking chair, you find it’s damn near  impossible to get it going.

6. Your knees buckle easier than your belt.

5. You look forward to a very dull evening.

4. Dialing long distance, wears you out.

3. The gleam in your eye is now from the sun hitting your bifocals.

2. You burn the midnight oil at 8 p.m.

The number one reason you know you’re getting old… Your pacemaker makes the garage door open up every time you see a sexy man.

Happy “Not Being Young aka Getting Old” Ladies!! :-) xx

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