“…On That Independent Stuff”: Tonya Alexis

I was walking to the corner store on Saturday morning, when I saw a bunch of people sweeping along Nostrand Avenue.  I stopped a man named Quest and asked him what was happening, lol?! That’s when he informed me that the Nostrand Avenue Merchants Association Inc. in collaboration with the Prospect-Lefferts Gardens Neighborhood Association (PLGNA) was sweeping along Nostrand Avenue as a part of their “Clean Up Nostrand Avenue” initiative.  I mean I thought I was hallucinating, lol. There was so many people just sweeping, and on Nostrand Avenue, lol.  And really I just didn’t have my morning joe :-) and was just startled to see a bunch of people on Nostrand Avenue with brooms, lol.  But this a great initiative that allows “residents and businesses” to work together. As the campaign flyer says: A Clean Avenue is Good for Business! To get involed, call The Nostrand Avenue Merchants Association, Inc. at 718.774.5466 and get more information or sign up to volunteer. 

Of course, there is always a Dynamo involved in these sort of initiatives :-) And not too far away I saw Tonya Alexis.  So for this week’s “…On That Independent Stuff” feature, we have:

Name: Tonya Alexis

Age: 16

Occupation: Student

Why She’s a Dynamo: “I’m a Dynamo because I take care of my brother.” (and in my opinion for giving up your weekend morning to sweep the streets :-) )

Stay Positive Tonya!! :-) xx

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