Let’s Talk About It: “Are you a Crabby Patty?!”

We’ve all heard the sayings about black people and the “crab in a bucket” theory.  And really this type of behavior can be seen amongst all races and ethnicities, but with so few of us ever making it “out of the bucket” I wonder if that is in part due to the crabs in our own communities bringing us down. So let’s talk about it: “Are we crabs?!”

“Recently I was at diversity coffee and a fellow attendee stated that throughout her college career and personal success she experienced a lot of adversity surprisingly by members of her own community.  She was Cuban-American.  And really it was a very real thing to say.  A lot of times when trying to make something of yourself, it is someone like yourself that tries to keep you back.  Black people, we know all about this :-)   I think part of the problem is we forget what used to hold true for us, that it takes a village to raise a child.  Our ancestors were proud to help others excel, especially those that looked like themselves.  Because if for nothing else, it provided hope for the future.  And without their hope and hard work, we would be living in a very different America, trust.  So please let’s first give President Barack Obama his props because there was a time not too long ago, that people who are alive can attest to, when that was just a hope of many people who looked like him.  Black people voted in record numbers that election to make that hope more than just a dream. And while President Obama is not perfect, but damn near and funny as hell, he has held down the White House just like Cedric predicted he would, lol.  And let’s apply the same props to people in our community who also hold down the fort. I can’t say it enough, stop hating on things and people that support us being the best us.  We all have different stories as to how we overcame adversity, but when you limit the hope of others (especially like yourself), you limit your future opportunities as well. So ladies stop hating on each other and ain’t shit dudes. Men stop hating on each other and us, lol.  Old people stop hating on  young people and young people stop on hating on old people. Fat people stop hating on skinny people and skinny people stop hating on fat people. You get my point, lol.  If you are a hater, then my friend you are a CRABBY PATTY! xx”

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