Do you have a “Mr. Magic”?!

A while ago, my friend, soror and Dynamo Keena did a post on her blog, Keenebral Komplex, titled “Mr. Magic“.  And for any girl that has ever had a secret crush, you know all about Mr. Magic, lol. What I especially loved about Keena’s post was her vivid detail of all the feelings Mr. Magic brings. And after receiving a “hey” text message last night, I decided to feature Keena’s “Mr. Magic” post in honor of Mr. Magic’s everywhere :-) :

“After sitting at the desk for hours, doodling haphazardly, you get a message from him,<Hey>.

You drop everything you’re doing to respond back, but wait, give it a minute. You are busy, have a life, and don’t just sit around all day waiting for him to speak to you, at least that’s what you want him to think. Let, what seems like hours, but is really 45 seconds, pass, and you type, <Hey>. Do you send a smiley? *insert smiley* Wait, *erase*, what are you smiling for? Ask a question. At least with a question he’ll respond, right? <Hey, what’s up?> send.

Response < Nothing much. What you up to?>. LOL, he asked me what I was up to? * Places phone call to homegirl*. “Girl, do you know he asked me what I was up to?! He so crazy! lololol”

A bit dramatic, but you get the point.

C is for your confidence boy, I love the cool in you
R is for the rumors they make, I wish that they were true
U put a smile on my face, you’re unforgettable
S is for your sexiness
H I got have ya
* Ciara – C.R.U.S.H.*

Let’s talk about something we love: Men. Whatchu say?! Yes, men. Through all of the countless meetings of the she-woman-man haters club, phone conferences, forums and other mediums we use to throw some man under the bus, we forget that one teeny little fact: we adore them. We adore the way he says our name, the way he chews his food; we even love the way he does that little thing with his fingers when he gets nervous about something (yes, we notice). We’re crushing.

Now, I don’t know if there’s a post-adoloscent word for crush, but if we really have a crush, he brings us back to that teenage behavior — the secret meetings on the 5th floor staircase. You get that feeling that when you two are in a room, everyone is watching you, when in reality, people could give two hot hams about what you and said crush are talking about. You smile, for absolutely no reason, besides that fact that he came in the room. Whenever you guys speak on the phone, there’s a glow about you, and an extra pep in your step. He doesn’t even have the slightest clue that you’re happy, because he’s happy. Sick ain’t it?

In hindsight, it’s disgusting, but the feeling of a crush is so magical. When you get your nails and hair done — looking fancy — you just so happen to need lunch when he does, so you guys should go together. You’re only friends, but when you get home, you tell your homegirl that he chose the place, held the door for you, and threw your stuff in the garbage, while you grabbed his jacket, before you were on your merry way. O yes, the devil is in the details.

Nothing can kill your spirit, until he finds out. It’s not fun anymore. He starts to anticipate all of your tactics and tries to play your game. HELLO, this is a solo act, no other players allowed. Now, we have to find someone else to tickle our fancy.

Crushes are the best, because he’s our little secret, and that’s how we should keep it. Are you crushing?

Smoochis :-*, KK”

I love that girl!! Thanks Keena!!

Happy “Crushing on Mr. Magic” Ladies!! :-) xx

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