“To Submit or Not To Submit…”: A Reflection on Love and Independence

So the other day my friend was updating me on her love life.  She said that since she has been more submissive and “girly” she found that her boo was doing all the right things. I mean she was even cooking and this is a girl that does NOT cook, lol.  She said, “Girl, you better put this on the blog.” So ladies, in 2010, I ask do we submit?

Not too long ago, one of our male commentators mentioned the story of Adam and Eve.  Adam is here to take care of the Earth and Eve is here to take care of Adam.  In a perfect world.  Fast-forward some odd years later to 2010, and 1 in every 9 black Adam’s aged 20-34 is locked up. Now Adam is in jail messing with Steve and black Eve is not left with many options on the outside.  For the other 8 black Adams not incarcerated, 15.4% don’t have a job, which may be in part due to the fact that only 43% of black Adam’s graduate from HS on time.  In my experience I have found no education means your pockets are tight and your conversation is probably wack.  The tree of knowledge doesn’t seem like such a bad option after all, huh?! So we eat the apple. Some take a bite, some eat the whole thing and spit the seeds in Adam’s face. Either way, now some black Eve’s are doing Adam’s job because somebody has to take care of the Earth.  You know what that makes those black Eve’s?! INDEPENDENT.  She no longer needs Adam to take care of her financially or take care of the Earth. Black Eve is doing it and trust it’s NOT always by choice. So the next time you ask a black woman why she is so angry, just think about this analogy.

This is not to say all black men are shit.  There are still some original Adam’s, what I like to call Alpha Males out there. So now the rat race is on because as much as we may like the taste of the apple, were biologically-equipped to “take care” of Adam.  And boy oh boy does Adam know and exploit this :-) So we struggle because we want to love Adam and the security of the apple, but selfish and inconsistent Adam wants all of us.  So what’s a girl to do?! I have a tattoo that says, “The best proof of love is trust.”  If you look at love in this light, then to love Adam is to entrust him to take care of you.  Trusting and knowing he is smart enough to always make the best choices for you as your mate and possible father of your children.  Sadly, often times black Adam’s come up short in this department.  With many of our men behind bars, unemployed, uneducated or uninterested in woman, pretty much, “young, dumb and full of cum”, black Eve is forced to entrust herself to take care of herself.  Again, this would be called independence aka life sans Adam.

In 2010 with Eve’s stepping up to the plate in other ways than taking care of Adam, Adam needs to evolve and shower Eve with the same affection he expects after his time he put in working on the Earth.  In his lack to do so, most women choose to take more bites of the apple, making Adam good for one thing only.  So the question remains?! Do you submit or continue to bite the apple?!  I say if you found YOUR Adam aka Alpha Male that you entrust to take care of you, then by all means love your man girl!! For the single ladies, you don’t have to keep biting the apple.  You can command your worth and get your Alpha Male too.

Moral of the Story: No matter how you slice the apple, Adam and Eve were created to come together to continue life. In 2010, love comes in many shapes and forms.  As hopes for finding an Alpha Male vanish, many women continue to bite the apple from the tree of knowledge.  No matter where you choose to find love, biting the apple is not going to replace the void of Adam.  So set your standard and determine your worth outside of Adam.  That way when Adam comes to the table he knows what it is and entrusting him can be much easier.  If you’re done with being bamboozled by  “ain’t shit” Adams, can’t blame you ladies :-) !! My inner Eve is still hopeful for my Adam though. Either way when you find the “Adam” or “Amanda” that matches your worth, submission won’t be a question. xx

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