Fast Facts On: “NCAA March Madness”

Everyone and their mama is talking about “brackets”.  And if you live under a rock and/or went to a women’s college, you may not get all the excitement, lol. Bracketology, according to Wikipedia, “is the process of predicting the field of the NCAA Basketball Tournament, named as such because it is commonly used to fill in tournament brackets for the postseason. Held mostly in March, it is informally known as March Madness or the Big Dance; the tournament, and especially the national semi-finals and final (the Final Four), has become one of the nation’s most prominent sporting events.” It’s a very complicated process and if you don’t know the difference between a high seed from a low seed or who is even playing, it’s OK.  You’re not alone :-)   Today in honor of not being completely out of the loop, we have 10 Fast Facts On NCAA March Madness:

  1. The first NCAA Championship Basketball Tournament was played in 1939 and was won by the University of Oregon Ducks.
  2. Back then, only eight teams were part of the tournament. The NCAA Basketball Tournament expanded to include 64 teams in 1985.
  3. The most points scored by one team during the NCAA Basketball Tournament is 149, scored by Loyola Marymount against Michigan during the second round of the 1990 tournament.
  4. The fewest points scored by one team is 20, scored by North Carolina in their 26-20 loss against Pittsburgh in 1941.
  5. Shaquille O’Neal set an NCAA record by blocking 11 shots in one game for LSU in 1989.
  6. Carmelo Anthony became just the third freshman to be named the Outstanding Player of NCAA Final Four Basketball Tournament, after leading the Syracuse Orangemen to an 81-78 victory over the Kansas Jayhawks in 2003.
  7. Austin Carr scored a record 61 points for Notre Dame in the first round of the 1970 NCAA Basketball Tournament.
  8. The UCLA Bruins have won more NCAA Division 1 Championships than any other team. The Bruins have won the NCAA tournament 11 times, including seven straight titles from 1967 to 1973.
  9. The North Carolina Tar Heels have made it to the Final Four more times than any other team. The Tar Heels have made the Final Four 15 times and have won the title three times.
  10. Duke versus Kentucky in the Elite 8 of the 1992 NCAA Tournament was easily one of the best games in sports history. Both teams battled back and forth till the end. As Duke trailed Kentucky 73-72 with 1.8 seconds to go, Duke’s Grant Hill threw a cross court inbound pass to teammate Christian Laettner. Christian grabbed the ball with his back to the basket, faked right, turned left and hit an off-balanced 15-foot jumper – game, set, match! The Duke Blue Devils went on to win the National Championship.
Happy “Staying in the College Hoops Loop” Ladies!! :-) xx

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