Giving Back to Japan

It hasn’t been a week yet since the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and it seems like all the “prayers and thoughts of people in Japan” have ended.  As young people, we really need a better understanding of how the world works and our role in it.  We all have our daily dealings that already put a strain on our wallets, but putting your money where your mouth is is what Japan needs. It was the same thing that Hurricane Katrina victims needed.  During times like these it is our job to step up as citizens of the world and help those in need.  Otherwise when things happen in our community, don’t expect anyone to jump through hoops to help out.  There are many relief efforts for Japan to get involved in that don’t require much time or effort.  And I don’t want to sound like an infomercial, but it’s true when they say as little as $5 can help.  Below are a  list of organizations that you can support to help those overseas:

Happy “Giving Back” Ladies!! :-) xx

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